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Durable Borosilicate Glass Construction Hand-Blown, Each Piece Is Unique Color Accented Donut Design Flared Mouthpiece Simple & Easy To Use: Heat, Dip, Inhale! *NOTE: Each honey straw is handmade and unique.

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. . $169.


21 likes, 1 comments - Chevelle_glass (@chevelle_glass) on Instagram: " AU*CTI*ON Up for grabs is a jailhouse rainbow and black Nectar collector with don. . Free shipping on all orders!.

Let the tip cool for a minute. .


95 Colorful Cactus Dab Straw $19.

. 75 inches long and has a detachable 10mm female joint quartz tip.

. 10mm Donut Shaped Nectar Straw with Ti Tip.

Nectar collectors have exploded in popularity since their innovation only 10 years ago! Concentrate straws allow for greater control over the amount of concentrate you vaporize, because you can dip the hot tip of your nectar collector right into your concentrate dish as you pull.
MK100 Supra Recycler Nectar Collector Kit; MK100 Dry Tornado Nectar Kit; 45° MK100 14MM Slime Beaker Ashcather; 7" MK100 Turbine Telescop Rig; MK100 Freezable Horn Bowl; MK 100 UFO Screen Bowl; 9" MK 100 Double Perc Straightshooter; MK 100 Glycerin Glass Honey Straw Freezable Nectar Collector; 6" MK100 4 Hole American Color Bubbler.



. Baby Yoda Grogu 3 in 1 Hand Pipe & Silicone Nectar Collector. .

$19. Double donut dab straw. About this Product. 00 Regular price Sale price $65. Rather than rushing to finish off a rapidly vaporizing dab that. 00 Regular price Sale price $65.


. $34.

Heat the tip of your nectar collector with a butane torch until it’s red hot, just like you would heat the nail or banger on your regular dab rig.



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